About Eugene Arenhaus

Who I am

Photo My name is Eugene Arenhaus.

I currently reside in Haifa, Israel.

I have worked as freelance illustrator since 1996, mainly with role-players and small role-playing game publishers, but I also did book illustrations and lots of private jobs. My pursuits include visual anatomy, character design, classic illustration. Lately I have begun work on several picture books. I suppose I lean toward expressionism — I care more about creating a correct mood with my pictures, than about strict adherence to reality. But I manipulate reality in my work, rather than reject it.

I am also a programmer, and work as such intermittently, usually doing interface design tasks. I have mostly switched to web programming for the past several years. My interests in that area are online community design, programming language design, games and interfaces, among other things.

I also have many other minor hobbies and interests, from comparative linguistics and psychology to biology and martial arts. (I practice the modern, developing Israeli martial system called Lamed Mem.)

I do not drink Coke, do not read yellow press, and do not watch TV.

Contact information

The easiest method of communication is electronic mail; please use this form to send me a message. (Sorry for providing no link, but spammers have become a major threat, and I am not willing to supply anything to their address harvesters.)

My ICQ number is 3 0 4 6 9 9 7 2.

My Skype ID is arenhaus.

I do not use AIM or other messenger services.

My Digimarc Creator ID used to be 802210, but I stopped using it after Digimarc changed their pricing policies unacceptably a few years ago.

About this site

This is the seventh version of my gallery site after sixth stylistic redesign. I now use a custom CMS system I wrote for Threshold A.O. LLC.

You don't need my permission to place links to this site at your own pages. (Sorry for stating the obvious things, but I had been asked several times. You're welcome to link all you want. If you link to individual pages, it's nice to refer to the main page along with it.)