Random ACEO sketches - January 2007

These are a selection of the earliest “randomness” sketches I did. It is visible that the first ones are still rather schematic line art, but then they gradually begin to attain some rudimentary shading,

Most of these things are really random. Some are obvious, like the mermaid or the swords. Some have explanations, for instance, in row 1, sketch 2 the stag has a torque on his antler. This is the symbol of Cernunnos. Row 1, sketch 3 - it’s just some random alien landscape. Row 2, sketch 1 is Odin, as is row 3, sketch 1 (with Huginn and Muninn). Row 2, sketch 2 is a rather bizarre image of Grim Reaper magicking skeletons up and into the sky. Row 2, sketch 3 is some oddly framed decadent clown, while row 4, sketch 4 is Icarus. In row 5, sketch 1 depicts the Battle Room from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, sketch 2 (captioned “Katurran Angel”) is fan art for Terryl Whitlatch’s brilliant Katurran Odyssey, and sketch 3 shows some Slavic water spirits.
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