Re-Ti model sheet

I designed this alien for the Helpful Bear creature contest ( ). I had decided to design something that would “read” to us human beings but be quite alien in its anatomy, apart from the obvious biomechanics.

I present my intelligent alien, Re-ti. It may seem recognizable, but if you look closer, few things are what they seem at the first sight. Its “head” is not the actual head, its “hooves/suckers” are neither hooves nor suckers, its muscles can lock up in contracted position which enables it to use hydraulics for “pushing muscles” along with the more conventional pulling muscles, it communicates in two-voice tonal song, its hands were originally copulatory organs, it is neither biped nor a quadruped, in fact it is not even a vertebrate. But it is still something we hominins could relate to.

This creature is built on specific design logic, a fantastic Bauplan, if you like. I could design more creatures of the same phylum now, using this logic, which would be as diverse as fish, tigers, crocodiles, and birds. I feel that this approach (thinking of evolution of anatomy) can offer more freedom for truly alien creatures than basing on existing animals or combining their pieces.

Click on the preview to see the high-resolution model sheet.
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