Dragon anatomy - morphology

The exterior aspect view is the most straightforward one. It was directly based on the muscle table, with added horn bits.

Digital painting
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Viewers' comments

Unfortunately you didn't provide an ability to post a comment on "Dragon anatomy" gallery page, so I use this place instead.

First of all, let me thank you for your magnificent work. This set of pictures is actually brilliant.

Second, you wrote that "it takes just one Google search for my name to find me, and it is written clearly on each table". To my surprise, it took me more than 10 minutes to find your web page - and in this case I was absolutely sure that the pictures do have an author. I was browsing through hundreds of dragon-related pages until I finally find a copy of this plate having copyright info NOT removed.

Vit Z.
Thu, Oct 7 2010 14:13
I remember how much this picture inspired my love of dragons when I found it on draconian a couple of years ago. I love science and dragons. I just want to say you did a fantastic job bring this to life.
Fergus Wyrm
Thu, Sep 22 2011 21:13
I am happy to hear that, Fergus. Thank you. :)
Eugene Arenhaus
Fri, Sep 23 2011 00:57
i love your work here and i also love the detail you have put in, (not to mention the time probably taken to draw this). and its sad to see someone like yourself that does good work ruined and sunk down the sink, i hope this inspires me to draw my own dragons for stories i have got on hold and are waiting to be uploaded. Thanks again.
Luke Marshall
Wed, Jan 25 2012 01:04
Thank you for your dragon anatomy series. I'm working on a large clay sculpture and your drawings will assist me greatly - even though my dragon will have very different features.
Wed, Feb 8 2012 22:19
hey this is Dark Star i have a question do any of yous have anything on the insides of dragons lik the digestive tract? need it for my drawings thanks!!
Dark Star
Sun, Mar 11 2012 12:32
No, these three tables are all that had been made. You'll have to design your own version of the dragon insides!
Eugene Arenhaus
Sat, Mar 17 2012 10:37
Hey. This year I'm finnishing my grammar school studies and there is a tradion we are supposed to follow. The tradition is to make a video which will be presented on our ball. It's nothing big and if I wouldn't tell you, there would be no way for you to see it, but. I find your pictures amazing and I want to use them in this video. They would be there for like 10 seconds but still, puttin them inside would be way much more enjoyable if I would have your permission :). I can swear I will note credits, both you, and Jen :)
Bart theDuke
Thu, Jan 17 2013 14:36
Dear Eugene Arenhaus: I'm doing a script for an animated adventure movie and would like to obtain your permission to use "partial" components of your first green dragon. EXCELLENT work and details!!! Of course by ALL means you, and Jennifer Walker will be mentioned in the credits. ;o)> (I'll also have anatomy changes, so it really won't look like the example, but it inspired me). IE. spikes will be changed to a "harvest gold" and "eye lenses" will be poppy gold, body will be different, and more spikes from the wing webs back to the "spade". Have a nice day.
David E. Fitzgerald
Sat, Jan 26 2013 21:13
Wow! These are brilliant! I'm sure my own dragons will improve greatly from this much needed resourse you have generously let the world see. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, my artwork isn't good enough to get plagarised yet. I hope you take great pleasure in making plagarisers squirm when you get your hands on them.
Tue, Mar 26 2013 13:31
this is really cool, thx for making this because it is helping me with my book that i am writing

Fri, Apr 27 2018 04:31

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