Dragon anatomy - skeleton

The skeleton table shows its age the most. I had few sources on animal anatomy back then, so certain features here are decidedly human, not animal. There are too few ribs as well,

Mostly this skeleton combines the features of a mammalian body with the skull and pelvis of a dinosaur.
Digital painting
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Viewers' comments

Came over from ArtRage forum. Love your dragons! Sorry you had to experience people using your art without your permission.
Judith Tramayne
Sun, Aug 22 2010 07:54
I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in showing the world the anatomy of a dragon. It is also great to meet the artist behind the drawings.

Daniel G Wilks
Mon, Oct 17 2011 20:10
Much appreciated, Daniel!
Eugene Arenhaus
Tue, Oct 18 2011 00:35
Such amazing anatomy drawings. UGH! Makes me wish dragons were real. :(
Eric Lowe
Wed, Apr 17 2013 20:47
...Unless one was trying to eat you, in which case you, understandably, would be wishing dragones were not real. :)
Eugene Arenhaus
Thu, Apr 18 2013 07:39
XD yea. But I love theis! And dragons! Tho my vision of dragons is they are very peaceful, and would never EAT anyone.
Aitha Black
Tue, May 5 2015 17:07
Subsisting strictly on salad, I suppose? ;)
Eugene Arenhaus
Mon, May 11 2015 07:20

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