Focco - the Procyonians

Focco are a race of aliens I have invented long ago and had been polishing for years. Perhaps I was tired of all the xenophobia that Hollywood promotes, but in any case I attempted to develop a scenario in which humans would be able to coexist with an alien civilisation to mutual benefit.

This race was the result.

Focco originate from vicinity of the nearby star Procyon. They are humanoids but not hominids; they are small (5 feet average), and have predatory origins. They created an advanced but slowly developing civilisation that was comparable to ours at the point of their first contact with Earth. The part of the focco-dom that interacts with the humanity is a conglomeration of clanlike societies known as the Houses, that had consumed most of the diverse pre-existing societies on their homeworld’s two continents some 8,000 years before contact. The culture is extremely personocentric, and balanced, although not introverted. Focco and humans can communicate well, and after contact had developed extensive relations, including cooperative colonisation of other worlds. Many focco lived on Earth, and quite a few humans settled on their homeworld.

There are mostly “unfinished” pencil sketches here. The reason is, for one, my unwillingness to destroy the natural appeal of them by further refining. The other reason is that the most finished illustrations featuring these people are in the Illustrations gallery. This is the sample of how I work on this project, not its end result.

[Note: this gallery is not complete. I am still adding the main bulk of the pictures.]