And at the last from inner Egypt came The strange dark One to whom the fellahs bowed; Silent and lean and cryptically proud...

Nyarlathotep is one of the Lovecraftian gods, but where most of them are distant unspeakable horrors, Nyarlathotep is a very close one. He walks the Earth in human form, freely mixing magic, cults and science, and though he has a thousand guises he is strongly connected with Ancient Egypt.

I have mixed Ancient Egyptian paraphernalia, both well-known and very arcane, with modern trinkets and Lovecraftian references. For example, among the more recognizable canopic jars and ushebti, there is a statue of Seth in pharaonic garb, a throwback to the old suppressed cult which Nyarlathotep would certainly remember. Every visible book title is something obviously mentioned in Lovecraft’s writing, but there also is a framed photograph of two men in parkas labeled “Dyer, Lake” (not legible at this size). Virtually everything is a reference; and if something is not, who knows what depths it had sprung from? Enjoy figuring them out.

Colored pencil on watercolor wash
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