This focco is blending in.

A lighting study that went too far, and the first full-blown painting I made in ArtRage - at least one that qualifies as painting, and not a doodle. I’ve been using the program mostly for color sketching, but over the years it matured into a fine painting tool. Recently it finally began to handle large canvas sizes without choking much, and to support script recording and playback. That made it suitable not just for sketching, but also for painting finished stuff.

The program behaves much like real paint. There are bristle marks, texture, blending, you can even run out of paint to smear around - the program is tracking the amount of paint on the canvas. This produces very lively results, though it can be frustrating when you are used to a more “digital” digital painting. But get used to that, and ArtRage is one of the best painting programs ever.

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