Blue wall

A couple focco standing in front of a blue wall.

This is personal work. I usually sell finished art, but this one hangs in my bedroom. The focco are almost incidental; the idea was to paint the blue wall. However, it’s silly to go and make a painting of just a wall or, anyway, too artsy-sceney so I went on elaborating and elaborating on it. Yes, inspiration comes by unexpected routes.

This was the first picture for which I used my current method of calculating lighting and falling shadows. And, as most of my acrylic work, it looks much better in person. Reproduction kills it.

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Viewers' comments

Interesting how this focco seems to have different eyes.

I wonder how usual it is.

Thu, Feb 11 2010 00:46
Ocular heterochromy is no more usual in them than it is in humans. I just thought it provided a nice color accent here.
Eugene Arenhaus
Thu, Feb 11 2010 22:44
Awesome work. Nuff said. :)
Sun, Jul 25 2010 15:59

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