A focco flutist. It doesn’t really need explanations; I did it purely for the mood.

I have played with the idea of a flutist for years, and finally picked a sketch I did in 2006 to finish. Being personal work, not an illustration, It is also quite big, a meter tall. I got fed up with canvas board and switched to stretched canvas with this piece.


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Updated in February 2011: replaced with the version repainted in 2010.
Eugene Arenhaus
Sun, Feb 6 2011 07:47
I've been wondering, how do you tell between male and female focco?
Mon, Jun 24 2013 11:46
"I've been wondering, how do you tell between male and female focco?"

By the presence of male and female genitalia. If you can't clearly see them, whether due to the pose or fluff or clothing coverage, you're out of luck. Females tend to be a bit larger, but there is no discernible dimorphism in them. Both genders have the same build, just like dogs or bears.

Eugene Arenhaus
Tue, Jun 25 2013 09:42

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