Maneki focco

This is one of the products of a fifteen-day non-stop marathon I had in January, working on a business presentation. One of the side effects of that mind-numbing job was that my brain began generating the oddest ideas. Some even made marginal sense; most did not.

In case you don’t know what this lampoons, the maneki neko is a particular piece of Japanese kitsch.

This focco has all the trappings: the raised arm, the happy smile, the bib, the giant “thousand million ryo” ingot. Procyonians do not come in calico, but some yellow and black paint brushed on an albino make a passable alternative. Likewise, wearable neko ears come to the rescue where the focco’s ones are not catlike enough.

The grin is not how they smile, and is really close to the “I’ll kill ya” expression; but one can’t have everything…
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Sooo, How do they smile? Are there teeth more pointy than human ones? I always suspected humans show there teeth while smiling to show that they are blunt and not predator like.
Fri, Apr 30 2010 12:40
They smile more with ears than with mouths. The ears perk up, upper eyelids lift a little, and mouth, if it is involved, gets only somewhat open, de-emphasizing the teeth. Often they also cock their head a little to the side.

The teeth are sharp, yes. There are small fangs, even - not as large as a cat's canines, but quite bigger than humans'.

The origins of human grin are murky... why show blunt teeth to another creature with the same teeth? If you look at chimp expressions, both grin and menace show teeth, they just differ in how wide the maw gets opened. There must be something else going on. Perhaps it's demonstrating the difference between "look, my jaws are closed" between "look, my jaws are agape, I shall eat you".

It is certain that focco menace grimace is this universal mammalian "I shall eat you" one.

Eugene Arenhaus
Fri, Apr 30 2010 23:46
*chuckles* With a grin like that, he/she reminds me of a ferret. :P Focco FTW :) :D
Sun, Jul 25 2010 15:32
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