Own wool

Here’s what they do on Procyon with all that fluffy down that is left on the brush after grooming, especially in spring: they collect it and felt it into blankets.

Of course, it takes many seasons or many people to get enough down for a blanket, but they are patient. Such “own wool” blankets are prized in many Houses that are fluffy enough to produce sufficient quantities of it; they are very warm and fairly waterproof. “Fairly” meaning that you could stay dry under it in a rain or lay it on wet ground. If you fall into a river in it, it will eventually get soaked.

Notice how the blanket is subtly different in color from her pelt: it’s because the felt is mostly underpelt and awn, which are lighter than the conspicuous guard hairs that darken the fur.

This started as a little toy idea and turned out as an exercise in very limited color.
Digital painting



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Viewers' comments

Wow, this is really cool. Nice Job.
Evan Islam
Wed, Oct 6 2010 13:06
Are there any places where one could get a poster-sized print of this? After years I finally have wall room to put up large posters and the print disappears off Rabbit Valley. :(

Wed, Aug 3 2011 04:35
Sure, you can get limited edition prints directly from me. Even if an image is not listed as a print, you can drop me a message and I'll arrange one for you.
Eugene Arenhaus
Thu, Aug 4 2011 07:49

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