Procyonian volleyball players in their practice gym. The uniforms are worn mostly because the numbers have to be put on something; the numbers themselves are in three systems - Talle alphabet, Talle numerals and Arabic numerals.

This picture had been mostly painted in 2008, but I did not like the bright background, and the face had deviated off the sketch. In 2010 I overpainted the background, reworked the face, and touched up most other things.

As usual with acrylics, even after meticulous color matching it looks much better in person.



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What is Talle ?

The pupils are rather small. For what light conditions are there eyes made? Do they have a tapetum lucidum? Are they trichromatic?

Tue, May 25 2010 13:44
Talle is the most widespread trade language on their homeworld. The yellow letters on their vests are standalone forms of the Southern alphabet used with it.

The small pupils are just an aesthetic choice in this case: makes the stare more disconcerting. Focco are mostly diurnal, but have excellent night vision - much better than humans. They do have the reflective lining in their eyes, and are trichromatic - but the third pigment is an independent mutation and not tuned to the same wavelength as the Terran primate one, so the triadic displays made for human and focco vision look "off" to the other species, respectively.

Eugene Arenhaus
Thu, May 27 2010 00:41
I would love to lay on her tummy. May I?
Yoon Su An
Fri, Feb 25 2011 16:30
Only if you are a cat!
Eugene Arenhaus
Sun, Feb 27 2011 02:33
sorry to be a stickler,but the third number system on the uniform isn't roman it's our own number system based on the Arabic number system. If it were Roman then 8 for example would be written as "VIII" very nice pic though. :-)
Sun, Mar 13 2011 21:32
Oops, you're right. Got mixed up writing the description. I fixed it.
Eugene Arenhaus
Wed, Mar 16 2011 04:21
glad I could help ^^
Thu, Mar 17 2011 04:06

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