Liberty Bell Titanide

I couldn’t get rid of this image plaguing the back of my mind for

three days, so I had to draw it.

Then I had to suppress a nagging impulse to draw the whole regiment.

In case the picture does not ring the Bell, it’s based on a scene in the third and final book in John Varley’s “Titan” trilogy, in which a rather unorthodox psychological diversion is staged by having a whole orchestra of gaudy Titanides in gaudy uniforms march playing “The Liberty Bell” by Sousa. For non-Americans, a record of that can be found at

or in MIDI format , so now the tune can plague you too.) It’s outlandish enough as is, even without super-deforming the Titanides.

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Viewers' comments

Oh my God, I can't believe there's someone else who loves Titanides enough to draw them! There's probably one other person on DeviantArt who drew Psaltery, Cirocco and Gaby and that's it. My skills are woefully lacking or I'd be drawing them left and right! :D
Fri, Nov 19 2010 13:28
John Varley's work is sorely under-represented, if you ask me. :) Not just the Titan books, but other works too.

Was that other person on DA good? Can I see his interpretations of the characters? :)

Eugene Arenhaus
Sat, Nov 20 2010 07:44
(I originally replied via my mail, not noticing the robot_noreply address, so I'm re-posting here) I haven't read much of his other work apart from some short stories (I thought Air Raid was brilliant, and loved the Anna Louise Bach stories), but I've asked a local bookstore to see about ordering some of his books.

The artist is ~Ophiuchi, and I thought what he/she did was great. I mostly dabble in amateur photomanipulations myself, since it's been years since I last picked up a pencil and my job leaves me very little time for art lessons, but I'd love getting some practice and doing some illustrations for these books. Psaltery is at

Sun, Nov 21 2010 14:43

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