Figure study 2010.04.17

One of the figure studies I do for practice so my anatomy skills don’t get rusty. Some of them are done from reference, some, like this one, from memory.

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Well done. I wanna be able to draw just like you.
The guy
Tue, May 25 2010 18:09

If that's what you want, get a few packs of printer paper, some pencils, and sketch every day while paying attention to how everything works. :)

There's no magic, just dogged rehearsal of skills.

Eugene Arenhaus
Thu, May 27 2010 00:36
I've gotta say, I find your sketches way superior to your paintings, they are much more free and alive. Some of them I find really fabulous. I wish you would take something of that into your paintings - this one is a bad example, though, it was just the first place I could write a comment ;)

And yeah, drawing well is hard work and practice - and maybe 1/2 percent talent, or less. I was told by a teacher once upon a time, that you have to make 10000 bad drawings before you become good - which is a good way to look at it, when you have made something really crappy: One less of the 10000...



Sun, Oct 7 2012 02:59
Um... thanks? :) I am not sure if you are trying to make a compliment or shred my work into confetti, Signe. ;)

I prefer a saying by Degas, myself - it was along the lines of it being easy to make a fresh image in six hours, but really difficult to do it in sixty. Sketches always have more immediacy, vigor and freshness than finished paintings - simply because they are incomplete and leave room for the viewer's brain to work. So I am learning how to make "sketchy finished" paintings.

Eugene Arenhaus
Fri, Nov 9 2012 12:39

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